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It is hard to figure out when to get a replacement or a repair. Here are a few signs to check if it is time for an upgrade
- AC dropping airflow could be an issue that needs an AC replacement. If the cause of the drop of airflow is a blown blower motor. It is better to get an upgrade.
- If your AC is more than 10 years old. Newer Air Conditioners works with greater efficiency and have longer system life. It could be beneficial to take the opportunity to lower your bill monthly.
- Lastly, If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your Air Conditioner it is time to get a new AC.

You want the perfect balance when you are getting a furnace. If the furnace is too small your furnace is constantly running, It will affect the heating cost with it constantly running it will often needs repairs. If your furnace is too big it could give you a short cycling that is not also efficient when it comes to paying bills. It also sometimes lead to uneven room Temperature.
- Getting the right size will help you reduce heating cost, longer lasting furnace equipment, A reduce carbon footprint.

Replacing or Upgrading cooling or heating system doesnt come at a convinient time but if you are looking for a right time. There is no right time than now! If you want to take advantage of the mild temperature then Spring or Fall season are the great time to get a new System.
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